Retail Energy Assessment Program (REAP)

About REAP


REAP is an AI based software and rating system used to predict and measure retail tenancy energy and related carbon emission footprint and compare it to similar tenancy types.In the process, communicating the result in a NABERS / ENERGY STAR style 6 Star Rating scale. This program is specific to retail tenancy and landlords, to understand how their tenancy operations impact the environment – and engages users in real-time on the actions they can take to reduce and save. 

The platform and rating is suitable for application in both development and operational settings. It can be used to “predict and target” in development

settings and “rate existing and improve” in operational settings.    




Australian retail occupies 14% of non-commercial area and yet accounts for 41% of the emissions footprint. It is 4-10 times more carbon intense than most other commercial space and yet remains virtually un-regulated due to perceived complexity. Australian retail also has the most expensive

operational cost base in the world, putting extraordinary pressure on retailers from the go-get, and we want to see this change. 

Over the last ten years, we have assessed and validated over 2,000 retail tenancies, providing the most comprehensive, reliable and accurate rating system for retail in the world. More than that, we have developed this software system to reduce the cost of tenancy delivery by over 75%.


Star Ratings and heat load calculations are achieved at a fraction of the time and thus cost – meaning less pressure and more value generation for tenants and landlords.


About TFC and REAP: 


We have been frustrated by the cost barriers to retail  tenant engagement on energy efficiency and this platform and rating is built to address these issues. Our vision is an environment REAP is the standard for leading responsible landlords, developers and retailers to drive environmental and carbon efficiency forward. The results we have delivered using this system in partnership with Lendlease, The GPT Group, Sekesui and Investa show that      20-40% commercial efficiency improvement is real and available across all tenancy types. It is built on the robust methodology enshrined in NABERS to provide confidence

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